The mouthpiece and the central unit are wire-connected. To initiate speech, simply press the button on the mouthpiece, and when you're done, release it to stop.

The Underwater Headset processes the voice signals and transmits them through a transmitter, using water as a medium to reach the receiver of another device.

The receiver within the central unit decodes the audio signal and delivers clear voice through a 36mm speaker, enabling seamless information reception in the ears.

Experience safer and more exhilarating dives

Equipped with a 30m communication range and designed to operate flawlessly at depths of up to 40 meters.

Vertical communication depth



360-Degree Communication - Enhance underwater work and never miss the fun with our two-way communication.

Signal coverage



Gear Up, Breathe, and Dive!

Experience the freedom of effortless diving with our streamlined gear. Simply gear up, take a breath, and dive into the depths. Our product offers a hassle-free and minimalistic approach, allowing you to explore the underwater world with ease.

Pioneering a new era of underwater communication

Enabling Seamless Communication: Achieving Accurate Verbal Expression.


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Our story

Project Initiation

In the pioneering spirit of underwater exploration, our team launched the ambitious project of developing a groundbreaking underwater communication system. Our journey began with an extensive review of scuba diving equipment and technology, a deep dive into the limitations of existing gear, and the envisioning of a new era of seamless underwater communication.

Our story

Development and Prototyping

Two years of intensive research and development led us to a significant breakthrough in 2022. Our dedicated team of engineers and diving experts developed an innovative prototype, capable of capturing human voice underwater and transmitting it wirelessly. Leveraging state-of-the-art digital noise reduction technology, the first step towards revolutionizing underwater communication was taken.

Our story

Refinement and Optimisation

In 2023, we refined our device based on feedback from extensive testing by seasoned divers and oceanographers. We optimized the mouthpiece design for integration with standard regulator mouthpieces, ensuring comfort and reliability during dives. Our engineers also enhanced the transmission range and signal clarity, enabling efficient and clear communication even in challenging underwater environments.

Our story

Testing and Market Launch

After exhaustive testing and refinement in a variety of water bodies from freshwater lakes to the salty seas, we are ready to launch our product in 2024. A product that promises to redefine scuba diving by providing real-time, crystal clear communication underwater. Backed by exceptional battery life and easy portability, our communication system stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing the underwater experience.

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