DIVINTOK Surface Transceiver

DIVINTOK Surface Transceiver is an exceptional device for reliable underwater and surface communication. Its rugged construction allows for long-distance transmissions with clear sound quality. Allows captains to stay informed about divers' underwater conditions and provide timely updates on surface conditions.


Pioneering a new era of underwater communication

Surface-to-Submerged Voice Transceiver


Unleash Boundless Connectivity Above and Below the Water

Introducing DIVINTOK Surface Transceiver, the world's first wireless communication system that connects seamlessly above and below the water. Break free from limitations and communicate effortlessly in real-time. Stay connected, collaborate, and enhance safety like never before.

75m communication range

129g sleek and lightweight body

HD Noise Reduction

Lossless voice recording

IP54 dust and waterproof protection

The combination of DIVINTOK Underwater and Surface Transceiver enables seamless one-to-many real-time and two-way communication. Leveraging advanced wireless technology, these devices ensure efficient and collaborative communication among team members while prioritizing safety.

Get Streamlined Communication and Responsive Support


Real-time Support for Safe Diving, Ensuring Secure Returns.


Real-time Communication

Stay in touch with divers underwater, providing support and assistance during their dives.

Ensuring Safe Return

Prioritize safety by informing divers about landing points and surface conditions before they return.

Quick Setup in 3 Steps


Product specification





Communication Distance

75 meters

Interface Type

Magnetic suction interface

Transmit Power